Canapé Ideas for Your 2022 Party

Canapé Ideas for Your 2022 Party

Canapé Ideas for Your 2022 Party

May 5th, 2022

This year, it might be time to think about how you are going to set your party apart from the rest. After all, things have been relatively tough for the last two years, so it might be time to put some real effort into providing your guests with an evening that they will remember forever. Not just because of the company or the music, but because of the food.
Choosing to use a professional caterer will make a real difference to the vibe of your event and that’s where canapés are the ideal way of getting your guests in the mood.
What Are The Latest Canapé Trends
What many people might not realise is that canapés move with the trends which means that you need to make sure that the canapés you select include the latest flavours and ingredients. You don’t want to be serving the same old canapés, especially if they are canapés that most have tried before at other parties. You want to make sure that you give your guests a reason to engage with your party, and that they start the evening in the right way and that comes with canapés that are on trend at your party.
You want fresh ingredients that are edgy, unique and work together to deliver a real hit that makes people realise that this is a party like no other. This is where a professional catering company can help you to give your guests something to enjoy because a leading caterer will always be ahead of the latest trends and will know what works.
So, with this in mind, what canapé trends should you consider?
Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken, Smoked Yoghurt and Avruga Caviar
Buttermilk popcorn chicken is a delicious canapé that will have your guests reaching for more. The tenderness of the hot chicken and the crispy coating makes for a delicious mouthful, brought to life by the cooling notes of the smoked yoghurt, and enhanced by the Avruga Caviar which contains both salty and citrus notes,with a subtle hint of the sea. These flavours combine perfectly together, making a moreish and memorable option for your canapé event.
Whipped cod’s roe, crispy fish skin, sumac, dill fronds
This eye-catching canapé will intrigue your guests, as well as excite their taste buds. The light textures of the crisped fish skin and smooth creaminess of the smoky whipped roe are brought to life with the addition of Sumac. Made from dried berries, it has a tart, almost citrussy flavour which lifts the richness of the cod’s roe, and the aniseed notes of the dill frond add balance as well as aesthetics to this sophisticated little treat.
Gochujang aubergine, soya and sesame crispies
If you are looking for something exciting for your Vegan guests, then this canapé might tick every box. The fragrant Gochujang marinade gives a pleasant heat but not enough to overpower your guests, with the ginger and soy providing a deep savouriness to the aubergine that is brought to life by the crunch of the soya crispies. Packed with flavour, this elegant canapé will certainly turn heads.
Polenta chips with watercress pesto, grilled soy quail’s egg and truffle
The polenta chips are a joy to devour because they are baked to perfection – creamy and soft with a crisp outer layer. The watercress pesto is gently peppery in contrast with the smoky richness of the grilled soy quail’s egg, and it all comes together beautifully when finished with the heady truffle for a truly luxurious bite.
Sweet potato hash browns with pickled blackberry, labneh and pistachio
You can experience a mixture of textures with this canapé because we’ve made sure that it delivers a unique hit of flavour that bursts with each bite. The sweet potato hash browns are earthy and crisp, complemented beautifully by the sweet pickled blackberry, and balanced out by the creamy, tangy labneh and crunchy pistachio.
Lentil doughnuts with seared beef, pickled mango and toasted chilli flakes
Fragrant and savoury lentil doughnuts provide a unique crisp and soft texture for the canapé base, topped with tender and delicious seared beef. The canapé is lifted with the introduction of pickled mango that adds sweetness and transforms it into something completely mesmerising, while the subtle kick of the toasted chilli flakes gives it a warm finish.
Sustainable Sourcing
We believe in providing creative canapés with delicious ingredients that complement each other perfectly. However, we only do this by using sustainably sourced ingredients because we believe in playing our role in taking care of our planet and our suppliers. We don’t compromise on quality because we only use the finest ingredients but we take a responsible approach to the way in which we deliver the stunning canapés that we offer.
If you are looking for a caterer for your event then we believe that we have an innovative menu that will completely transform your link and make a real difference to the success of your event.

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